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Loafer was originally meant to be “lazy, homeless”. Footwear, especially low to help, no lace, soles and the surrounding upper as a piece of the whole skin, in the upper part of the stitched flat sandals. The most orthodox style is the upper with a special decoration, like a flat pocket, decorated with metal buckles or tassels.

Loafer’s embryonic form, is the North American Indian indigenous hunting wear deer leather slippers. Gucci Leather loafer pumps Nero In the 1980s, author Peter York and his companion Ann Barr described Loafer as the most basic identity of the upper class in the book “Youth Social Guide”. Now the big brand every year to launch Loafer single product, one of the most prestigious is the Gucci horse horse horsebit Loafer and Tod’s “Peas” (its real name is Gommino).

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Have to pay attention to the street to take pictures or has always been follow the European and American fashion up to friends, probably have to pay attention to Gucci pair of flat metal buckle shoes exposure is extremely high! Black, green, pink, brown, gold or plush version, I believe many have ever seen. Alessandro Michele last year in Gucci starting autumn and winter series, one of the most eye-catching single product than this pair of lush lazy shoes-Prince-town, the front looks like a pair of classic music blessing uppers, side to see this shoe is a ” “But this lazy and formal sense of the conflict, quite quite urban yuppie flavor, visual sense is also quite warm and comfortable. Enjoy the street shoot wear, fashion bloggers have to jeans or easy wide pants coupled with this pair of lazy shoes, with a whole city is my home flavor, quite suitable for non-urgent not slow travel ride, especially recommended Neutral wind girls try this rate of shoes.

The material and color of the shoe are very diverse, patent leather, suede and some of the more rare animal skin will be through the shoemaker’s craftsmanship to create a pair of unique horsebit Loafer, coupled with metal parts, made of antique copper or nickel This pair of shoes have a different sense of retro. In addition to the exquisite decoration of the shoes, the shoes will be written inside the “Gucci 1953 Made in Italy”, so that each pair of shoes are unique. A pair of worthy of the collection of Horsebit Loafer is handed down from generation to generation to do it. From the version to the set of data, each step has a precise calculation of the location on the accessories can not be sloppy, a finishing touch if the data is not allowed to affect the beauty of the shoes, so for the shoemaker, each step is the focus.

Replica Gucci Shoes
Mentioned above, “Gucci 1953 Made in Italy” design in the shoes of the internal, careful shoemaker in the draft when they have to determine the approximate OEM position, so that each pair of shoes can be the same as copy, meticulous. Make the pattern until the copy to the leather material, each line of a curvature of the data is also accurate, superb craft only generation after generation can be done so perfect! Each needle line and alignment are very test technology, take the shape of the technology Not a few years of effort did not dare to say that the United States is the most attractive clothing shoes. Seiko fine to do the ultimate, the shape of the shoe represents the image of Gucci brand, luxury, noble, impeccable temperament. Even if the location of the placement of accessories is also very fine, big is big, the details of the key is to reflect the value of the key! Finally, every step is strictly enforce the operation, the debugging phase is not sloppy.

In our memory, Ms. British style is usually a suit hat, shoes, sometimes hip-hop, sometimes elegant style, exudes a style of style of the Variety, the implementation of each item is of course, and ultimately, leisure checkered leisure suit Wide eaves big hat, coupled with the style of the prominent Horsebit Loafer, modeling to perfect, neutral in a bit capable of fashion sense, handsome little woman so appeared!

Replica Gucci Shoes

Want to easily point, white shirt and leisure jacquard nine pants with wide eaves big cap, and ultimately the Horse bit Loafer shape to the more simple and lightweight. Which hat and shoes style echo each other feel a bit more retro, this shape easy to build! When Horse bit Loafer collides with a sexy long shirt, the bound horse bit Loafer does not have that frame to restrict the match, and the preferred horse bit Loafer can also be done by a combination of Denim and T-Shirt, or by more formal dress To perfect show.

In addition to the basic style of the shirt, the same is the shirt fabric word shoulder with a long skirt stepped on double horse bit Loafer simple and generous, fashion friendly people, giving a relaxed and comfortable! Since its fame after everyone we are affectionately called hair slippers, revealing with the plush, with camel windbreaker walking in the street more pull the wind suction eyes. Have seen the modern interpretation of these fashionable people, to everyone Amway Gucci Loafers hot 6 big style!

Replica Gucci Shoes

And then these two years I found the shoes industry is also quite some unhealthy, on the brand to engage in fashion is not very particular about the fashion, as long as a long time as long as a pair of flat soft side of the shoes, on the external publicity this is loafer, resulting in loafer everywhere blossom. I see in addition to ballet flat have their own name, the other flat shoes are attributed to the list of loafer. So, today I start from the history, inventory of a pair of decent loafer should look like.

The origin of loafer has a variety of claims, the market spread widely, is the 1930s, the United States Esquire published a Norwegian dairy farmers reported that living in New Hampshire’s Spaulding family modeled in the dairy farmers dressed in slip-on shoes (Shallow mouth does not tie shoes) to do it. After a few years, a shoe factory called Bass on this basis, to the loafer’s upper to add a foot across the instep of the shoelaces (named weejuns), this makes the shoes completely burst red stand up. Later, young people soon found the laces on the half-moon gap just plug the next penny, one that is for good luck, one is to make money to make an emergency call. Anyway weejuns will penny loafer name debut, until today or the European foot of a pair of shoes altar evergreen tree. As a classic style, Loafer has never been out of men fashion fashion. Often see the classic stills or modeling time, all feel Loafer can campus, hippie, gentleman, the street is also OK, in short, look good. Loafer shoes now choose men more and more like the development of polarization; or is very interested in fashion men, or is often attended the relatively formal occasions of the men.

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